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From the pen of Principal


Vridhi Gupta


The school should be a place of joy a temple of knowledge and a home away from home for children.A strong education system is the backbone of any nation literacy bring awareness which leads towards objectivity and turns into sitting tracts and finally achieves goal which are not related to only personal achievement but also from for the benefit of society our purpose is to provide an environment for a holistic development of children so that they finally emerged as winner.

At GIS we strive to create a dynamic environment for education and set the stage for student achievement and success . Each day children of varying abilities, talents, interests, and background work and play together. We encourage our students to challenge themselves , celebrating their creativity, initiative and individuality ,through their daily interactions in the classroom ,as well as though they are participation in our many Co curriculum programmers..

I am privilege and consider myself lucky that so many wonderful students ,staff members, and families touch my life each day. Students and teachers discuss, work together laugh enjoy and disagree together, laugh, enjoy and disagree too….but after it all, they work together as a team and come up with brilliant result in every field. We are all be busy ….. Busy taking risk busy learning. It takes a lot of energy to try new things. Parents your contribution have given us the courage to go forth and explore new trainer in education.

“The schools partnership with our parents is virtual to the success of our student’s and School. Even though I spend a lot of time in areas where I can be with a students and no rounds, inspecting the school , I can be reached with relative ease we are parents in your children’s education so please keep an active and open line of communication with all of us at GIS. It is our commitment to our children that we shall extend the best innovative practices in every sphere of their schooling .No stone will be left unturned to ensure our children reach the next milestone with great confidence, self esteem élan and poise . Here’s wishing everyone a significant and remarkable journey ahead!”